Prologue 【序言】

Thanks God, I can start typing my first post for my first blog in finale, such a memorable times :)

Well, after 3 days of preparation and arrangement for this blog, I start feeling at ease of it, comes with full of inspiration to start posting here. My mind just brimming with hundred of articles, which I longed to post for.

This is a blog for me to inscribe my days, my life, signify a diary, a journal of my life.Express with words, a picture, or even a sign :) This is not for specific one, it's for everyone around me, far apart from me, know me, don't know me, or even who will know me. Maybe no-one could found interested to reading it, but I will still writing, for myself.

I would like to posting in two languages, both English and Chinese. If you can read both languages, choose one of them, or else you better read both, because the content of article in both languages may be slightly different due to my bad English and other reason :P Sorry for inconvenience cause in future.

By the way, IF I am too busy and I can't post with two languages, I will only choose between one of them, the title of the article is the best way to know which language I use :)

Well, I think I should have an introduction of myself now :) [In next post]


花了三天的时间(间断似的〕准备和整理这个部落格,终于看得顺眼了~ 灵感很多哦~,真的很想快点把我一直以来想写的东东都写出来!

其实我为什么会突然想写部落格哦?说真的,自己也不知道真正的原因~应该是贪好玩吧~XD 直到昨天的晚上,在一个朋友的部落格爬着爬着,看到了这么一句话〖写日记就是活着的印记〗,嗯~真的觉得这句话写得很好哦~或许这个是我写部落格的原因吧~XD我也不知道~

这个部落格是我的一个日记簿,用言语,图片,甚至是符号来表达,来榨出我的感想,我生活的每一刻。这个部落格并不是给指定的人看的,是给任何人~ :) 就算没有人看,我也会继续写,就当着是给自己咯~XD

在这里我会用两个语言来写哦~英语和华语,给不懂英语的人或者不懂华语的人都能读~有时没空就写一种语言~大家可以用题目来辨认文章是用什么语言哦~ 有时两个语言的文章稍微会有不一样内容,所以如果懂两个语言的人,或很有空的,就读完两个语言的咯,顺便学学我教的烂英语也好啊~XD *懂华文的比较好~因为用华文我会写比较多XD

嗯~在发其他文章之前,先来个自我介绍吧 :) 〖在下一个文章〗

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