The Tips To Build Up My Journal 【部落格的制作技巧^_^】

Hi there :) Maybe some of you might wondering about : Why this journal took me 3 days (Not continuous) to complete, but it's really WoW~

Whatever, no matter you interested or not, I would like to write about the tips to build up my journal~ Click Alt+F4 or hit the "X" at the upper right corner if you no interested :)

*I never read any FAQ or tutorial pages provided from Google Blogger Help

  • Start with sign up a Gmail, it's easy to do so
  • Sign in here (, with the Gmail you created
  • Directly input the url and name of my journal
  • Continue with edit my profile
  • Just fill in some important information, leave the rest at last or you can post an article of your full profile after finished arranged the blog
  • Then, turn to Settings of journal, customize it with your own taste, it's easy :)
  • About Monetize, I leave it blank, I don't like to visit blog with full of ads, and so I won't do it to my journal :)
  • Layout, credit to , I visualize my own work with their elements as reference. I personally recommended it, they really got a lot of great stuff, Thx :)
  • If you fail in visualize your own work, just choose one from them, I am sure their might have something suit you
  • Next to Fonts and colour, customize yourself
  • Add gadget like audio, visitors counter, clock, countdown
  • Audio First article followed by this link, that is it :)
  • Clock, countdown and other, perhaps you could read Chinese and know basic surfing internet knowledge to get the gadget you want :)
  • For visitor counter, google it, you can found a lot out there ,really :)
  • The End :)

Easy right? XD Hope you enjoy creating/editing your own blog/journal :)

用了三天(间断似的〕的时间来完成的部落格,而且是第一次,设计及界面还蛮~~XD 很好奇制作过程吗?

在这里就跟大家分享这个部落格的制作过程吧~有兴趣的就慢慢看下去,没有兴趣的就按Alt+F4,或这大大力按右上角的“X”~ XD

*本人没有读过任何Google提供的教程 (讽刺成份XD〕

  • 注册一个Gmail
  • 在这里登录
  • 写你部落格的网址和名字
  • 编辑你的资料
  • 只需编辑重要的资料,其他的可以之后才写或者到时发一个文章关于你的完整个人资料
  • 到Settings,个人化你的风格
  • Monetize空着,我想你也不是很喜欢自己的部落格堆着广告吧~
  • Layout,感谢,我是参考了这里的资料,自己才开始设计一个,我个人推荐这里,真的有很多很棒的界面
  • 不会自己DIY的就直接拿一个,相信那边有你喜欢的风格~
  • 接着就到字体和颜色,很简单~跟着自己的风格
  • 加一些玩意儿~比如时钟,倒数,歌曲等~
  • 歌曲教程研究几分钟就上手了:)
  • 时钟等玩意儿在这,款式和设计多到~一定有你要的,那边有幅教程
  • 人气计算器就到Google找,超多的~
  • 结束:)


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