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It's about 2 weeks since my previous post. Well, I am not the kind of "grass is always greener" XD Posting a bunch of articles and get bore with it ~

2 weeks ago, my friend asked some MJ's video from me. He gave me a pendrive to store these videos. Da~ It was my mistake :P, I forgot to scan the pendrive T.T~ And my system infected with virus~

Ermmm~ I don't really know what is the original name of the virus, but it name backupuser.exe, have a folder-like icon. I found it at both C and D drive, I thought it was a folder and I clicked it ~ I know, it was a virus, but too late or me T___T I opened task manager and found some iexplore.exe which is origin from System~ I know there is NO iexplore.exe from System, I phoned my friend to comfirm~ XD

When my internet connection is on, it started download fake svchost.exe and a fake calculator into my system =.=, after delete with my antivirus, it still regenerate another one~
Hah~ one of them name Recycle.*** (Don't really remembered what file extension of it, but I know it was a screen saver format~), a Recycle Bin-like icon, no response after double clicked it~
I forced to power off my modem T.T

Well, at last I have to send my PC to shop and format~ Before I do so, I bought a Samsung 320GB external hard drive to back up my data XD
Haha~ a external hard drive I waiting for months ago~ It was ridiculous I can have it~ Thx to the virus :)

Ermm~ this is an advertisement XD
The Samsung 320GB external hard drive cost me RM284~ Depend with other brand, it's more expensive, but the shopkeeper told me "I am sure the price deserve its quality!" I believe her XD
Well, after I tried it, it was WoW ~~~ I like the application comes with it, AutoBackUp, SecretZone and so on~ BTW, it's S2 portable, the speed is WoW ~ XD

I spent about 5 hours to completely back up my machine, because I am a perfectionist XD
I organized my files in my way~ Store everything in my own order~

They spent 5 days to format my machine =.= , such a ridiculous~

Those who know me~ I am sure you doubt about how I past my day without computer XD
Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh~ I think it is same as jail XD Because I spend every hour with my computer before~ And now I have to spend with my bed~

I woke up at 12PM (GMT+8), and keep lying on bed for half and hour~ Having my breakfast and lunch together~ Afer that, I lying on my bed and staring on ceiling ~ Read some Detective Conan and Crayon Shin-Chan manga~ And sleep when tired~ Having my dinner about 6PM~ Continue with lying on bed and staring on ceiling~ Sleep at 10PM~

Haha~ this is how I past the 5 days without computer XD I don't think it's different with sticking in jail XD

When my phone rang and the shopkeeper asked me to get my computer back~ I felt like I am free from jail XD
I spend another 6 days to turn my computer back to the previous look~
Oh yea, I arrange it with a new style again :) It's completely refresh ^_^

Ermmm~ I know~ 6 days is quite ridiculous XD I did mention just now~ I am a perfectionist, I like to doing thing in my own way~ :)

I complete everything at yesterday night ~ Having a goodnight sleep :)

As I promised my mom, I will start prepare my SPM exam after I complete all trivia~ So I will only writing my journal occasionally ~ Yes, I am a perfectionist :)




160GB的空间给我用剩不到5GB,如果去format前用光喋备份就可悲咯~结果就买了一个320GB的external hard drive。哈哈~中病毒是坏事,但是有买到这个external hard drive就是好事~其实以前就一直很想要拥有一个,现在多了一个理由可以买XD








因为要买external hard drive,我答应了妈妈整理结束后要温习SPM考试咯~

当然~因为我是完美主义者 :)

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