Today is 10/1/2010
Somehow I think it's interesting~

Like before, spend my Sunday morning time with God~
But then I make a little change to my time table~

Before I back home, I took my mum to eat in a chinese restaurant~
Known as "Ah Beh Tu Bah Hun" XD

It should be Ah Beh Pork Mee~XD
Right??? O.O

it's very delicious
when I eat with my mum
I have no doubt with my taste

I realize that,
It's not about where you enjoy your food
And not about what you eat
But it's about who is eating with you
And it's your mum

We chat
Everything around us we can chat
We laugh
For something funny

When I finish my food, I take a look around us~
There is a family with 3 members just 1 table away from me
They look "serious"
Not communication between each other
Like stranger

Well, maybe someone don't like to chat when eating~
No idea~ :-)

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