Well, don't ask me why I am writing in English now~XD
And don't laugh me for not writing in English since months ago~XD

Ops, it should be "year ago" XD

I think it is not too bad to writing in English, although my English is suck~XD

is like a hand with a pencil,
drifting on paper,

when you breathe one's last,
it's incessant,
when you still alive,
or you just stand still;

apart from you,
has a place ready,
where the hand and pencil will stop,
you may know,
or may not be;

if the way is short,
but you can path it out,
an exquisite outline,
a beautiful flower,
signify a beautiful life.

Just something emerge in my mind moments ago~
So I type it out~

I am not professional poet~
My English is suck~
I think you can found out lot of grammer error there~XD


BTW, the first letter for every stanza is "L", "I", "F" and "E"~ XD
Interesting not?
I think so~XD

I got no idea about why my mind keep thinking of those thing today~

The Salvation is coming soon?
Or I will leave the world soon?

Just my two sense~XD
Don't mind about that~ :-)

As I said just now, it's about months ago (year ago XD) in which I writing with English for previous article~ Because I am quite busy~XD

Well, I am really enjoy myself after finish the exam~
It count as a very first and big step in my life~

Enjoy is not Free (Without obligations)

I can say that, the whole day is full of activity~
And yea~ Almost everyday in a month~
That's why enjoying is occupy time!

So I just simply write in Chinese, my lovely mother tongue~XD

As I notice that it's months ago (year ago XD) when I still writing in English, so I use English to make a little update this blog ~XD

It's time to bath~
See yea in another article ~ :-)

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