Thank you, somebody that I used to know

Dear somebody that I used to know,

How are you? It has been a long time since our last met.
I can't believe I actually ask about you at the very beginning of this, but yea, I do
Truth to be told, I don't actually expecting for an answer from you
but it's the first thing come through my mind when I want to write to you

I think, you might remember that I ask for you to keep contact with me at the day after our breakups.
You decline it, eventually
Well, I don't know how you think now, as I then start believing that I never actually know what you think
Those time when I thought I know you, it's nothing but merely an illusion, yea, I believe so
One moment I stop and think, I can't find myself, even just 1 reason, to keep contact with you
I kinda feel like I am just simply asking a question that day, and the answer isn't matter to me, not at all
It's pretty obvious how I think now

You might think why am I writing this, well
I ask the same question to my own self last week, the moment I start thinking of writing this
Eventually, it's another question without answer
Isn't our life keep plagued with contradictory
Well, I just want to write to you, just that simple
The title say it all, it's a letter of thanks
Just to be clear, I write everything comes through my mind, in its own language

Do you remember our breakups?
I know you keep mentioning the last part of it to your close friends, about how hard I slap on your face. Yes, you did
Did you actually tell them, those sentences from your mouth pierced through my heart without mercy, all your words ended up my begging so coldly and instantly I break into tears, every single word you say, every single response you give, all of these kick me so hard, did you?
And you still slightly laughing when you say you don't love me like the past anymore
Why don't you keep mentioning these
Everything you did was a reality that slapped across my face so fast, I had to laugh at myself for being such an idiot that still loves you after everything you said to me. Well, I really did at that moment.
Some people told me that you deserve that slap, well, I didn't reply them at all, as myself didn't know you did, or didn't

After all, my life changed so dramatic
I start to love the others more
I start to believe that everything happens for a/some reason(s)
And, I start to love myself more than ever

I dream of you quite frequently after the breakups, but now I can't even see you silhouette, not even your sound, not even those damn promise you said
Some people said, it's normal to dream of your ex, even after a few years. Because she has become part of you now, even she is not with you anymore. Her present change you, so that you are a different you if she never appear in your life.
Well, I believe so.

You changed my life so much, I would say almost my whole life

I know my life still have room for improvement, and I mean a lot

thank you, somebody that I used to know
for everything you did

I still have more to write, but I think these will keep sealed in my mind then
Atleast I have to tell you that,
you have my thanks
And please, we are somebody that both of us used to know, so be it, just treat each other like a stranger if we could ever meet again

Last and again

Thank you

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