Things That My Life Teach Me

#12 ...I believe the world is fair, in another way.

Life is way more simpler when you choose not to be a bad guy, and a rich guy

It's OK to let other people underestimate you
but never underestimate the others

Luck is not something that we can control and decide
All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us

If you're good at something, never do it for free in their way
make a little twist in their request, so they are either giving up, or paying you in one way or another

Promise is another noun of target, that's much more abstract than target
Why should we relying on other's promise? Even sometimes we break our own too

Right or wrong, it is not something that people can define
including the right or wrong of this quote

Life is not a challenge-vanquishing game, nor getting-success-course
it's way more interesting than that

I would choose to be born healthy rather than born in wealthy family
And I somehow feel like there was a "cheat code" activated for me to born healthy

Truth can be both good and evil
and I would flip the truth for the good of others

Our life worth something, definetly more than a price
time will tell

If you are not compete your life with others, why use their standard to define your life

The world is unfair. Well, it sound right.
But I believe the world is fair, in another way.
I would live much happier than any people who own a big house, a luxury car and a platinum credit card. I have peace in my heart, I am healthy, I have my family, that's all that matter.
It's not unfair to those who lost any one of the things I spoke of, they might just too lucky to leave this cruel world earlier, end their suffering, who know?

The things that look-not-exist in the world is what I try to earn for
Faith. Love. Peace.

Regretful doesn't last forever. It's just like taking a wrong turn on the road, reach a different destination, or reach the same destination in another way. Then I realized that I actually escaped an accident on the road ahead of where I taking the wrong turn.

Spend your life on something that worth it
and you won't want to change these back to time again

The more you limit the others, the more you limit yourself

We choose the opposite side to show how different we are
but sometimes the only different of us are just the one who pretending to be different but actually not

Don't try to make everything set in stone
Things do change

Never forget where you came from, and
love the one who deserve your love the most

Dream is more like a mirror
Your dream is what you desired for, in which it reflect what you are, and it keep changing from time to time
Sometimes you end up your chasing upon the dream with changing it to another one, but actually you might just getting closer to your true self
just like your dream lead you to take a path, then it lead you to take a turn, and a roundabout or so
in the end of the path, you reach a different destination from the one you think of reaching when you start the journey
but this destination is where you should arrive as intended, and it's your dream lead you to
It's not compulsory to fulfill your initial dream, but one shouldn't stop chasing your dream, as you might not know what is after it
just like you won't know how you look like if you doesn't look into the mirror

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