Things That The World Teach Me

#12 The world is unfair, and never been
You can get very rich, driving luxury vehicle, with just become a bad guy

People zoom in your mistake
and zoom out your merit

Luck can somehow build you, or destroy you, and yet you can't control it

People always could find a way to make use of you, in what you capable of
and they want  you to do it for free

Promise is something sound so true, but in most of the time, it's actually not

To know the thing you do is right or not, you need only the approval of others, not your own

Your life is filled with challenges, and you have to face the challenges in order to be success
Well, this is the theory that this world invented

You need 1 condition to achieve before you can activate cheat code in your life:
Born in a wealthy family

Lying is not good, so people invented white lie to make it sound better, for all of us

Everything you own has an invisible price tag on it, even your life

How successful of your life is scale with 2 factors:
How wealthy you are? How much fame do you have?

The world is unfair, and never been

Life is, spend your time to earn something that already exist in the world but not yet belong to you
When you are satisfy, or before it, you are six feet under

Everyone's life plagued with regretful, in one way or another

Most of the people are capable of changing time to money
But no one is capable of changing money to time

The things that the world teach me, but not all of these are right
What about things that my life teach me?
See if next week I have time for that article or not~

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